Things to Know About Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

The marriage ceremony is just half of the work for there are many legal things you need to consider after the ceremony. The first thing you need to do is to secure your marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is considered the official document proving that the couple listed is legally married.

The marriage certificate is a public record

In most countries, a marriage record is considered part of the public record. Since it is legal, you will see state seal or it is imprinted with a stamp. The marriage certificate typically contains information such as who married you, when you were married, who performed the ceremony, the witnesses and where you got married.

Marriage certificate goes by different names

You often hear marriage license, wedding certificate, marriage record, wedding license, marriage contract, certificate of matrimony and other things. You must know that these things mean the same – marriage certificate. With this, you can use it interchangeably. You should not get confused.

It needs translation for immigration filing

You need marriage certificate translation if you are married and you apply for your Permanent Resident visa (or Green Card). This is a requirement of the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Remember that the USCIS strictly stipulates that all documents should be translated completely. With this, you should ensure that everything appears on every page of the document. It does not end there – it should also match the visual appearance of the original document from the position of the stamps to the signatures and seals.

translated marriage certificate

Translation can be used for other purposes

Basically, a translated marriage certificate is utilised as a proof of marriage between two persons when applying for immigration. However, aside from applying for immigration, translated marriage certificated can be used for applying for social welfare benefits, claiming government benefits, claiming life insurance and opening joint bank accounts.

Getting your marriage certificate translated is fast

The marriage certificate should be translated free of error. With this, you need to find a reputable translation agency. The good news is you can find online. You need to compare first.

As soon as you found the ideal one, you can immediately fill out the fields, pay and then wait for the documents. The cost will depend on the agency. Some charge by page while others charge by words. Whatever the agency stipulates, always go for value and quality of work.

It will be translated and sent to you

If you only require a certified translated marriage certificate, hard copies will be sent to you. However, if you need a notarised translation, it might take a little longer depending on how the agency can quickly make a notary public appointment. For certified translation, you need to send a scanned copy of your marriage certificate. However, a notarised translation requires the original document.

Final words

Whether you need a notarised marriage certificate translation or not, you will surely find an agency that can help you. While there are many agencies you can consider, you should determine the ideal one for you. This will be easier if you read reviews at the onset.