The Need For A Company Secretary In Hong Kong

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A secretary can be quite helpful for any company. They help the company in keeping all the maintenance records. Every Hong Kong company has to appoint a secretary who might be someone local. A great secretary can even help you in complying with the ordinance of Hong Kong companies.  There has to be a license that is pre-approved to finally hire a secretary for the company.

Features Of A Company Secretary

 The company secretary hk is supposed to have some important features that are extremely necessary. These features are:

  • The company secretary has to be a resident of Hong Kong.
  • They should be aged at least 18 years or more.
  • The corporate body must have a registered place.
  • They must have a business place in Hong Kong of their own.

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The also very easily ensures the statutory obligations that the company in Hong Kong needs to comply with. Moreover, there are various other services that the company secretary includes:

  • The statutory records are to be maintained quite well.
  • The preparation of the annual returns of the company in Hong Kong.

Alongside a company secretary, there must also be a designated representative for any company in Hong Kong. The company secretary can even help you out through all the relevant requirements of any Hong Kong company.

Sum up

Thus, it can be well-stated that a company secretary is of utmost necessity and it can prove to be helpful in quite several ways. Get a company secretary for your own business.