Leading Innovative Business Growth

It should come as no surprise that modern businesses need to be technologically able in order to be successful in today’s market. Because of this, many businesses have looked to companies like those headed by Ted Farnsworth, information technology consulting.

Discovering New Things

Being technologically able in business does not just mean having the best software or the latest computers. It also means being able to use that technology in favor of growing and expanding business. As the CEO of Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc., Ted Farnsworth has made it his mission to build businesses from the ground up. Through Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc., he is able t provide a variety of services in the form of consultancy in IT, software products, and predictive analytics.

By making use of the services offered, businesses can look towards discovering more about their industry and market. In that, they can find ways to adapt their operations to increase their profit exponentially.

Ted and his company’s success can be seen in his endeavor with MoviePass, an application that contributed to the revival of the movie theater industry. MoviePass offered a subscription that allowed customers to pay a flat monthly fee in order to watch movies in theaters. Not only did this venture led to a significant discovery of moviegoer behaviors, but it also opened new opportunities to bring different businesses in the industry together, encouraging joint ventures.

Ted’s Main Focus

Being the CEO, Ted’s primary focus is building Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. to be technologically centric, providing big data, artificial intelligence, social listening, and computer learning. With that, the next step is to properly utilize such tools and information to create the same positive impact for other companies like those accomplished with MoviePass.

Since technology is continually evolving, it is essential to keep up with the pace and always keep coming up with relevant and inspiring ways to keep companies competitive. Bringing together important data and proper application of that data, companies that seek to grow through innovation can successfully see acceleration.

The Forefront

While growing business from the ground-up remains a big focus, Ted never loses sight of the crucial piece that enables this, bringing consumers unbelievable value. Once consumers see that a company can add value to their lives, it creates a level of credibility and trust that encourages them to avail of the offering given. With that, a base of loyal and willing customers arises, allowing a business to expand.