Criteria To Consider When Choosing The ERP System Provider

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In the middle of the purchase of an ERP System, there are multiple decision points and numerous factors such as: Where to start What are the main selection criteria that you and your team need to know before you start? As you embark on this task, here are six key considerations that can guide you to determine the best provider of ERP system

Objectives and goals of the company

  • The main reason to change to a new ERP provider is to support your company’s objectives. Each company has different objectives.
  • Some examples may be:
  • Growth goals: Can I grow my business with the resources I have?
  • Efficiency goals: Can I perform tasks so that each element must occur only once and can multiple tasks be folded?
  • Accelerate market goals: Can I take my product to the market faster, satisfying all regulatory requirements and thereby gain faster market share?

microsoft dynamics cloud

Functional Software Requirements

  • Most companies like microsoft dynamics cloud partner share general operations: accounting and marketing.
  • But in terms of function, your specific industry will dictate the details and your supplier must meet your special needs.
  • The needs of your company will govern the characteristics that are most important to you.
  • Consider all the functions that occur on an average business day, and try to review all areas of the list, even if your current processes are being performed outside the system, on spreadsheets or whiteboards.
  • Explain to your provider the details, as the generalities are covered by anyone.