Finding the Kydex holster that you like will be the long and the expensive process. There’re a lot of best kydex holser to select from, one can easily spend their month’s salary in finding what feels best on the belt for a longer time frame. Let us get more details further:

Types Of the Kydex Holsters

Belt Holster:

This is the common way to carry your firearm that is belt holster. As the name suggests, the belt holster will be affixed to your belt (with loops or slots) or uses paddle that makes it simple to change. Generally, I select belt loops that many paddle holsters, it’s just because it sticks on your belt finer in the struggle. They provide superior concealment as most of the paddles tilt its butt end of a gun inwards and barrel outwards, and making the unusual looking bump.

Certain examples of the belt slots, paddles and loops:

“Pancake” kind belt holster that provides with the slots for belt.

Comp-tac holster with the kydex belt loops.

Paddle Holster.

Material Used:

The belt holsters are mainly built of kydex (type of plastic) and leather or nylon.

But, all materials work really well. Kydex & Nylon are normally inexpensive & conceals better.

Alternatively, Leather is generally a but bulkier and leather needs the short “break-in” time.

Inside Waistband Holster:

 Suppose you are one who find concealment, then the best bet will be inside the waistband holster. Normally they’re made from the kydex, nylon and leather. Kydex is fastest & highly secure. The leather is slower, and is secure. Not like belt holsters, I do not think you may need the retention strap on the IWB holster. This IWB holster holds your gun much closer & lower to your body, and making the disarm attempts really hard.

There are some things you must look in the IWB holster:

Enmake sure that mouth of a holster is strengthened and stays open. Or, you cannot re-holster it single handed. Make sure that gun grip sits on enough high level over the belt, so you will get the full hand grip of the gun. Chosoe the holster that is made for the peculiar gun and multiple-size fitting mainly does not work well. You must avoid any spring-steel clips, since they allow holster to get drawn with the gun. The IWB holsters are actually affixed on a belt by using clips, J-hooks or loops.