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Have you heard of Rusee RU-SH0712?

There are many kinds of shower heads in the market. Before you buy any shower head, you need to know about all the details of that shower head. Today, we are going to talk about a popular shower head. You can visit our website http://showerreports.com for best shower head and shower head reviews. that product is Rusee RU-SH0712. This has an average product rating in amazon.com. The price of this shower head is very much affordable.

popular shower head



the main benefit you will get from this artichoke is its price, since it is a very economic equipment. An offer really. People with limited earnings will like to have this shower head.


With a modern design made of plastic and stainless steel, this shower head measures 26.8 x 9.8 x 8 cm and weighs only 381 grams. So, this head is not that much heavy.

Water savings:

One of its advantages is that it allows you to save water thanks to its small holes for the passage of it. And that does not mean that it stops being powerful because the water comes out strong enough without wasting. So, you can save a huge amount of water if you use this showerhead.

Physical benefits:

It has a filtering thanks to the micro holes of the head, as well as the mineral balls present in the handle of the artichoke and the energizing and negative ion balls that are in the head of the shower, thus purifying your skin and reducing the oil secretion. So, if you are very much careful about your skin, then you might want to use this one.You can visit http://showerreports.com for more shower heads like this and best shower head and shower head reviews.

Ease of using:

Its installation and cleaning are very simple since it can be disassembled to clean its parts with ease. And installs to any standard shower hose without problems. So, Rusee RU-SH0712 is your go to shower head.

Any disadvantage?

I would say that the most representative one is that it does not include the stainless-steel hose, so you must purchase it separately. If you want a shower head which comes with stainless steel by default, then you may not like this one and go for another product available in the market.

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There is more to testosterone than what a regular knows. In fact, testosterone is the main hormone responsible for muscle development, improved strength, and sex drive. There are already a lot of pharmaceutical companies that offer testosterone supplements in the form of a pill or in an injectable but you might be thinking right now, how does testosterone works?

Testosterone is a natural hormone found in our bodies whether you are a female or a male but the latter has the most of it while the former has the most estrogen hormones in their bodies. Men who age and reaches their mid 30 slows down the production of testosterone hormones in their bodies which could be noticeable physically where muscle mass starts to decline, strength starts to deteriorate.

gradual decline of testosterone

This is where the gradual decline of testosterone begins in our body. However, there are tons of testosterone boosters available on the market which remarkably helps the increase of testosterone hormone levels in your body which also proves to have other benefits such as increased muscle mass and improved strength.

Aside from increased muscle mass and improved strength, testosterone booster also develops facial and pubic hair as well as improving the sex drive, improves mood and analytical ability. Most men consult their doctor when they notice that their strength and muscle mass started to decline because these are the main symptoms of the decrease of testosterone in their bodies but doctors always advise them that it’s natural and it comes with aging but the further decline could result to erectile dysfunction and other negative conditions.

This is medically called as hypogonadism or the lack of testosterone in the body which needs replacement therapy to cure the negative condition it manifests. More and more people who have normal testosterone levels are taking up testosterone supplements to increase their testosterone levels with the belief that it has a lot of benefits that do to their bodies.

In this article provided by testrx Australia, let us discuss the benefits of a person who has an increased testosterone level.

  1. Healthy circulatory system- Your heart will primarily benefit if you have an increased testosterone level in your body. The healthier circulatory system of a person, the more they are able to distribute oxygen through their blood in the entire body which results in better performance physically.
  2. Fat burning effects- A person who has a good blood circulation can easily burn fat and metabolize it resulting in more energy. Testosterone is also responsible for an increased strength and muscle mass by burning fat deposits that are converted into energy that is vital for people who regularly engage in physical activities.
  3. Improved bone strength- Testosterone is not just known for its ability to build lean muscles, it also helps the bone absorb more mineral density to keep it durable. Aside from decreased strength and declining muscle mass, men also lose bone strength as they age and testosterone plays a huge role in keeping strong. Strong bones keep the muscle intact and internal organs which in return will provide a person with a better athletic and physical performance.
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Life becomes terrible with the spouse when there are no options to curb the problem arising due to the penile erection. So, there is an awesome gift from the Test RX which can be a great supplement.


Test RX 360 is something that is a highly reviewed solution for strengthening the muscles, boosting confidence and also increasing the testosterone content. There is never any side effect that comes with these supplements. The major ingredients that are present in the compound include the D-Aspartic acids, Vitamin B6, Zinc Monomethine and Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate and also the Tribulus Terrestris. With all these compounds it is quite easy to regain the lost hopes.

luteinizing hormone of the body

Extract of fenugreek seed:

This is also a native herb that is used with the compounds and can be  a great option to supplement the intake of proper food, with the consumption of this natural herb, one can experience the changes in body which shall bear an increased level in the heat and also the higher levels of the fats and the bio availability.


  • The D-Aspartic acid is the element that helps in increasing the levels of testosterone and also enhances the synthesis.
  • Vitamin B6 is the compound used in the increase of testosterone It is responsible for the production of androgen,
  • Zinc is the compound that is necessary for the increase of the hormones and also building the immunity. They are also adapted to bear all the odds that are faced by the body.
  • The luteinizing hormone of the body is also increased by the use of Tribulus Terrestris. To hormone, in turn, takes care of increase of the testosterone end’
  • The Aspartic content is the compounds that are readily absorbed by the blood and are the boosters of the testosterone content of blood.


There are a number of advantages that can be experienced. The ingredients are totally researched which can never bear side effects. The results that are obtained are quite a quick in comparison to many others tech packaging that comes with the compound are well-packaged that are also certified and inspected. All one needs to follow is correct dosage. The correct dosages are essential to be followed because the incorrect lines and over consumption may result in the life-threatening attacks by the supplements.

The trusted compound is something that can boost the energy if the muscles and hence increasing the sex drive as well. So, when the products are natural there is never a risk of falling into false traps.

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Knowing More Of Your Shower Heads

The head of the shower is where the performance of the shower greatly depends because having a good shower can do wonders for the mind and body.

The Important Aspects

The shower heads are one of the most important aspects of planning your shower. The type and quality of the shower heads will explain the convenience,  the amount of pressure, comfort you will get, and the effectiveness of water delivery. The availability of your shower space, source, and the pressure of water, budget, and design preferences are certain factors that you need to take into account before making a purchasing decision. So what’s the best shower head in the market today? You must know more about the shower heads reviews and a comparison chart that will help you find the best product for your needs and preferences.

Shower Heads Materials

The Shower Heads Materials

  • Brass – choose the shower head that is made of brass if you’re looking for the most high quality. This kind of durable material is capable of resisting corrosion and rust. It rarely needs replacement as all this makes it a hassle-free material.
  • Stainless steel – this is also another low maintenance material because it has the natural capability to resist rust and stains. It retains its quality over time, easy to clean, light, and it’s able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Porcelain – the shower head made in porcelain is a perfect choice for a vintage-style bathroom and it is a good choice if you desire a classic look. The shower head can have a complete porcelain finish off if you just want a finished accent.

The Types Of Installation

  • Wall mount – the shower head is permanently fixed to your wall via a flange or an arm with this type of installation. This type of shower heads can also be divided into different styles.
  • Standard – these units feature a straightforward design with the extending arm from the wall and facing at an angle downward.
  • Offset – these fixtures have a more unique look with a bit of extending the arm out from the wall and curving upward. The shapely design gives an additional headroom for rinsing in the shower.
  • Extended – ti is used more commonly with the rain shower heads. The shower arm is furtherly extended from the wall so the user doesn’t have to be standing right beside the wall to get under the water.
  • Ceiling mount – it’s more mounted directly under your head. It is installed on the ceiling to give you invigorating shower experience with the water evenly flowing over your body but the downside of this is it requires more work.