Roles of Satellite Communications in the Proliferation of the Internet of Things

Roles of Satellite Communications

You have to understand the IoT (Internet of Things) movement so you will know how satellite communications help shape it. IoT has the potential to impact how you work and how you live. There are many complexities around IoT but basically, it is a concept that connects any devices with an on/off switch to the Internet. This includes everything from coffee makers to cellphones, headphones, wearable devices, and many more.

Gartner, an analyst firm, estimates that by 2020, there will be 26 billion devices connected. This is a massive connection, which is why IoT is considered a giant network of connected things. You have to understand the role of satellite communications in the proliferation of IoT so you will know how it applies to you and your business.

Here are the roles of satellite communications in the proliferation of IoT:

Connecting distant assets

There are many businesses that extend their operations geographically in remote environments. The satellite technology provides means of communication to get in touch with real-time assets especially at unmanned sites or offshore platforms. Ultimately, communication satellites allow you to monitor your facilities remotely.

Transforming transportation

Satellite communications help transform transportation infrastructure. With this, you will often see broadband connectivity on cargo vehicles, trains, and other maritime vessels.

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Developing cities that are sustainable

Satellite communications are also utilised by city administrators around the world. The IoT movement leads to efficiency measures as well as a smarter allocation of resources that can undoubtedly help the cities to become more sustainable.

Expediting retail and mobile banking

Satellite technology is considered the backbone that keeps the POS (Point of Sales) and wireless ATMs in place. With this, it keeps retail and mobile banking industries running smoothly thereby expediting the transactions.

Unfailing connectivity

Whatever the industry, satellite technology can help maintain a high level of reliability. For instance, carrier providers work with satellite providers to cater to applications like remote asset monitoring. In the end, satellite communication will ensure that the connectivity is always on.

Ever-present coverage

Satellite communications boast of ever-present coverage. Since IoT encompasses billions of devices in the world, it demands an ever-present coverage – even in remote locations.

Enhancing business processes

Satellite technology can enhance business processes because of its speed. IoT involves the exchange of data from one object to another. With this, it can facilitate faster decision making thereby enhancing business processes.

It is not surprising to know that the emergence of IoT is driving up the demand for superior broadband speeds to support intensive applications in real time. With this, users need to invest in the mobile satellite to deliver broadband speeds with comfort.


Terrestrial or land-based networks are costly when it comes to deployment, especially in remote regions. However, mobile satellite services provide more affordable communications technology.

Final words

The role of satellite communications in the IoT landscape is undeniable. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. To ensure its efficiency and seamless connection, both the satellite operators as well as carrier need to work together.