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When you have thought about men’s wear, you might get various categories in them like formal wear, casual wear, sportswear and so on. Based on the occasion and the vent they are categorized but of all the wear that men would prefer, jeans always top or ranks first. This is due to the reason for its durability. A good and a premium quality jean made of denim fabric which is added cotton. Here added means(added แปลว่า) it is cotton twill which lasts longer and wont fade or torn away. Not only its durability, but its trendiness, style and fashion in the whole world also made men choose jeans and you can find these jeans to be in each and every wardrobe of men.

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online shopping site

Men or women, kid or old, jeans are for all ages and this denim fabric is not only used in making jeans or pants, but there are also other outfits and apparel like tops, skirts and so which are made using the denim fabric which is 100% cotton twill. Choosing the right and the proper fit will give much more comfort combining with fashion thus looking amazing and stunning among all. Be unique in what you make the choice. Here at Leonyx highland located at 7th street ทองหล่อ, there are the products that are exclusively meant for men including the accessories in the country Thailand.


There is the official website for Leonyx highland with various sections and you have also option to shop online. In case you want to visit the store, then you can follow the address which is provided in the website of Leonyx highland. Express your personality along with your profession with the best apparel and garments from Leonyx highland. It will be perfectly matching to you with the right color and size. The statement of style lies in what individual wear. So be the style icon with street style wear from Leonyx highland.