What is a Serviced Apartment?

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The concept of serviced apartments is in the market for more than a decade. Officially, a serviced apartment is an apartment that is furnished and is made available for long-term as well as short-term stays. The best-serviced apartment in Singapore provides housekeeping, amenities, and numerous services for guests, and most of the utilities and taxes are included in the price of the rent.

You can get facilities just like a traditional hotel in the serviced apartments but here you get more space, privacy, and convenience just like you are at home. So you can enjoy your life as a local Singapore person even when you are traveling. Serviced apartments also provide cooking facilities and may or may not have a kitchenette or a full -size kitchen too. It can also have amenities such as gyms, washing machine, dishwasher, larger sleeping and living areas, concierges, meeting spaces, and other services like a hotel.

This term came into existence mostly after the use of business travel markets and corporate relocation. Most websites that offer online booking for hotels have started providing these options also. Some might have a separate category for it, while some might just label it as an apartment or list out in the list of hotels.

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