Wine Fridge Singapore – Wine Fridges Available in Singapore

wine fridge


Guarantee your wine is kept in the right climate so its flavour and quality remain parts. With Celsius Equipment and its wine fridge singapore, you’re putting resources into a cooling framework that stores your containers exquisitely and essentially.

Standard refrigeration hardware establishes a climate that is excessively dry for wine capacity. This would cause wine plugs to contract, bringing about spillage and remnants of the wine. Keeping up with the fitting temperature for your wine basement is vital to the legitimate capacity of your wine assortment. The cooling gear ought to have the option to keep a reliable temperature and moistness level that is great for the capacity of wine.

Custom Wine Cooler Refrigerators

wine fridge

Celsius Equipment is the expert in planning and building custom wine cooler fridges with quality and style. They love wine and realize what’s expected to keep it in top condition over the long haul. With a cooling framework from them, you can have confidence that your wine will be put away in an ideal environment, as well as realize that you’re putting resources into an enduring establishment.


Whether you have a huge scope of work or only searching for a little establishment, they can give a cooling framework that works for you. They love making plans that work with a wide range of insides and styles. Their establishments have not just better the timeframe of realistic usability of their clients’ wines, but on the other hand, it’s made a dazzling element that they can love for quite a long time.