Collectors sometimes refer to the wheat penny as the Wheat Cent. The coin is mostly from copper, but the coin has been crafted from steel during the Second World War. V.D.B. and Nil V.D.B. had been numbered pennies in 1909. Victor David V.D.B. is the initials of the engraver. Victor Brenner is an American sculptor and engraver most famous. On the opposite side of 1909 can only be found the initials. In 1918, they were added towards the front of the corner near the shoulder of Lincolns.

The story of wheat penny

The 26th president of the U.S.A., Theodore Roosevelt, approved the construction of a new cent in 1908. February 1909 marked the century after the birth of the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, another of Roosevelt’s greatest heroes, whom he wished to honor Roosevelt.

It became the first coin to display America’s greatest leader’s portfolio and the first daily U.S. coin with a real human. The Chairman approached the Lithuanian migrant and famous medalist Victor Brenner to achieve such a valuable task. In 1909, the 95 percent copper coins were issued under the two wheat stalks, with Brenner’s complete initials, V.D.B.

1921 silver dollar

Wheat pennies of Lincoln

Very soon after their publication, the general agreement tended to be Brenner’s initials were displayed too prominently. The mint removed the initials of the founder rapidly. It was only 484,000 San Francisco 1909 Lincoln Wheat dimes because their sheer amount and fame have been revered as a somewhat unusual coin. They are available for sale for up to $ 2,000. In 1918, on the front of the coin, the V.D.B. Markings were again applied more darkly. Lincoln Wheat Cents from 1909-1958 is the best range available at APMEX. These pennies of wheat are suitable for buyers of all age groups.

Copper Penny

Copper assets were turned over in 1943 to combat. Instead of the regular 95% copper, this year’s Wheat cents were made from steel. However, a mint error left copper blanks on the system and led to a few Copper Wheat Pennies in 1943. It is estimated that these are 8, each worth $50,000 +.