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The App Development Services For Windows Phone

Velvetech will be your trusted assistant in developing a Windows-based mobile application as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The company builds high-end Windows Phone and Windows 10 apps using the access to the valuable analytical data and extensive resources provided by Microsoft.enterprise software solutions

The Universal Window Platform

While expanding the client reach, unlock the potential of the Universal Windows Platform to minimize the time and money spent on the windows app development. A UWP application is equally suitable for each Windows 10 device, based on a shared codebase, including PC, smartphone, Xbox, tablet, and many more. Providing your customers with the desired convenience and flexibility, the company specialists make sure that the end product supports various screen sizes and interaction models. Velvetech will help your company to gain customer loyalty and increase revenues by mobilizing the user experience across the entire Windows ecosystem.

The Concept and Design

The development of a Windows mobile app starts with our business analysts defining and discovering your requirements for the final product. The company identify potential risks and technical challenges during this phase, prioritize a set of required features, and build a project roadmap. The company creates prototypes and wireframes of the future app to ensure excellent user experience, intuitive functional capabilities, and easy feature navigation.

The App Development

Valvetech engineers dive into programming the application as soon as the conceptual phase is over. Adding new features and improving performance during every next sprint, the used in the development process Agile methodology allows building products in several iterations. This is one of the practices that are most preferred among clients because it guarantees transparency in work, predictable costs, and quick delivery.enterprise software solutions

The backend Development Services

The implementation of powerful features on the client-side of your application is as good as impossible without thoroughly-designed backend. The front-end and back-end specialists, working together, will select server-side technologies that will guarantee the secure, efficient, and uninterrupted work of the future app. This will help your company to make a smart choice between the hosted solutions and cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure. Velvetech will carry out its smooth integration with the existing enterprise system and external services before the product hits the market.

The Quality Assurance and Testing

Velvetech will ensure that our solution runs smoothly on all devices under any conditions whether the users of your future Windows app prefer smartphones or tablets. The QA engineers will be occupied with testing your mobile application during the stage of development. The company delivers products that generate higher user satisfaction and customer loyalty, detecting and eliminating the design drawbacks and failures in the program code.

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Points You Should Keep in Mind Before You Hire a Cross Platform App Development Company

You would have seen the benefits of having a mobile application designed for your business and so would have proceeded with getting a mobile application done. But maybe, the development company that you went to suggested developing three mobile app versions; one for Android, iOS and Windows. If they have, then they might not be so advanced with the technological developments. Today, there is this solution, a cross platform mobile app that can run on all the different mobile platforms easily. So when you search for mobile app development companies, search specifically for cross platform mobile app development company. But before you proceed with hiring one, here are a few points that you should keep in mind.

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  • Take a look at the company size and the number of it’s staff. The service provider that you choose is the biggest factor that will determine the success in your cross platform mobile app. If you do not choose a good one, then you will suffer a big loss. So first enquire if the company you choose is big enough with the right team of experts. Do a thorough background check. See if they are licensed and have enough expertise in the industry.
  • Check if they offer the best security. If your app requires some payments to be done, then ensure that the app development company that you chose incorporates the best security features for your app that would safely complete all such financial transactions, and all.

mobile app development

  • The delivery speed. The cross platform mobile app will take some time to get completely developed. When you choose a development firm, make sure they give you the best optimized delivery time. Compare the same with the different firms you have chosen, and then choose the best from it.
  • The cost. Do not settle for a very low cost. Low cost can be good. It helps you save money. But if you settle for the cross platform mobile app development company that only offered you the lowest cost, then you might be going into a trouble rather than making a save.